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Essential Yoga Poses Everyone Should Practice

Yoga is one oldest exercise programs whose popularity has continued to increase due to its associated health benefits. Yoga poses are easy and enjoyable to do. They are effective in toning muscles, burning calories, increasing flexibility, and relaxing the brain, among others. Each yoga pose has a different intensity level. The yoga poses also target different body parts, such as core, arms, back, glutes, and legs. If done correctly, these yoga poses will improve your overall health and help in weight loss.

Another advantage of yoga poses is that they can be done anywhere – outdoors, at home or in the office, and there is no equipment required. These yoga poses are also good for various health conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, or high cholesterol. Whether you are a beginner, veteran, pregnant or have any of the health conditions mentioned above, there are different yoga poses everyone should practice so as to enjoy their health benefits.

Yoga poses you should practice

  • Yoga squat

This pose involves being in a squatting position with heels in and toes out, as the hands remain in prayer position at the chest’s front. The pose stretches the inner thighs, calves, opens the pelvis’ pubic symphysis and eases a backache. It is recommended for expecting women.4i7ryftyr64

  • Half moon

The pose involves balancing yourself on the left leg and left hand (both touching the floor perpendicularly) while lifting the right leg in a parallel position to the floor and extending the right hand straight up. The pose triggers the nervous system, mind, and brains.

  • Camel poses

It entails standing up on your knees and widening the hips apart. Depending on your flexibility, you rest the two hands on the heels or lower back. This pose triggers the thyroid, adrenal, pineal and pituitary glands, and enhances lung capacity.

  • Forearm plank

It involves using your forearms to do push-ups. You put (flatten) your palms on the floor, ensure that your elbows are right beneath the shoulders, and fold the back toes so that the whole body, from the head to the heels, is in a straight position. This pose uses your body weight in creating core muscles and shoulder muscles.

  • Child’s pose

eh5u4657y57tfteu4It involves kneeling down with knees widened a bit or touching each other. You then lower your torso to the floor, butts onto the heels and rest the forehead on the floor. You then extend the hands to the front with palms facing up. You can also extend the hands behind you. It improves mental and physical health because it is a good pose for resting, relieving and restoring body stress. It relaxes the neck, shoulder and spine, and stretches the ankles, knees, lower back, thighs and hips.