Drug Abuse

sery5u46rjyjhfHow To Discover If Your Child Is Abusing Drugs

Are you suspicious or worried that your child might be abusing drugs? Confirming this may be one of your greatest fears. But it is important to be sure so that you can take an early action before things get out of hand. The number of teens abusing drugs worldwide is continuing to rise . Hence you are not alone dealing with this issue. As a parent or guardian, approach this issue soberly so that you may find a way of helping your child if your fears are confirmed.

The signs to discover your child is abusing drugs may vary from one child to another because some children will try to hide these signs so that you may not find out. These signs also depend on whether the child is just starting abusing drugs or has reached an addiction stage. Whichever the case, noticing some of these signs may be a confirmation that your child has joined the group of drug abusers

The drastic falling of grades

Children who abuse drugs usually devalue academic performance. They do not pay attention in class nor do they complete homework correctly, which leads to falling grades. So if there is no good reason for their falling grades, it may be a sign that they are abusing drugs.rj6i57utu7itufjtdhey

Their sleeping patterns and eating habits change

Most of them start experiencing insomnia and poor appetite. They start eating a lot of sweets, and their weight drops drastically. These are two major signs of drug abuse.

Their interest and mood changes

Children who abuse drugs start losing interest in activities they previously enjoyed or loved most. This includes their favorite sports or physical activities. Most of them may start becoming more rebellious and rude because of change in attitude. If you ask them to do chores they used to do before, they will refuse or demand payment. They also appear lazy most of the time.

They change their friends

tjr7u8ftugfyjteChildren who abuse drugs will start hanging out with new friends (probably fellow drug abusers) and ignore the old ones. They may start bringing the new friends home, and you can notice them having mischievous behaviors. One of the common traits among them can be wearing sunglasses most of the time so as to hide red eyes or dilated pupils, which results from use of marijuana. Their breath or clothes may also smell the drugs they are abusing.

They start asking for money frequently with no clear explanation on what they want it for. This is followed by starting to be away from home for longer than they used to.